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The CDN is dead, Long Live the GDN*

By Durga Gokina and Chetan Venkatesh

Stateful Data at the Edge Needs a New Kind of CDN


Freeing the Database from Cages for Edge Data

Over the last few years the focus of enterprises has been on cloud computing, but increasingly the focus is shifting towards edge computing which provides benefit of low latency and real-time processing. But many real world edge applications require state to provide meaningful results whether that edge application is for:

Macrometa's CRDT Edge Database - Implementing Coordination Free Convergence of Data for Edge Computing

By Christopher Meiklejohn Consulting Scientist, Macrometa Follow Christopher on twitter https://twitter.com/cmeik Introduction In our last post, we discussed the challenges of conflict resolution when supporting a highly-available distributed database that operates at the edge.  Let’s recap the challenges.

Motivating CRDTs

By Christopher Meiklejohn Consulting Scientist, Macrometa Follow Christopher on twitter https://twitter.com/cmeik Introduction When deploying web and mobile applications today, developers typically start with an initial deployment of their application in a single data center.  Here, the primary state for the application is kept in a highly-available database, and clients located around the world ...

Macrometa & AWS Lambda - geo distributed stateful data for serverless functions - a Step by Step guide

At some point in the last 12 months, something historic happened quietly and right under everyones' noses. Without much fanfare, the center of gravity for cloud computing moved from the centralized databases and compute in giant hyper-scale data-centers to the edge of the network where CDNs live.  This tectonic shift changes the way you (dear developer) will build applications, APIs and all ...

How to Make Your Own Twitter in 5 Days

If you think about making your own twitter-ish app, you will soon stumble upon a few super interesting challenges.

CastleKnight - Using Macrometa's Edge Database & Streaming Engine to Build Low Latency, Realtime Multiplayer Online Games *with bonus in-game chat

Let’s say you want to build an online multiplayer game that takes advantage of edge computing to provide low latency and a fast and real time user experience.  These kinds of games are hard to build because you need to understand low level networking inside game engines (like unity or unreal), and deal with lots of complexity when it comes to sending and receiving state data as well as storing it ...

Serving Your Users Globally, Faster

The emergence and the fast growth of Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Single Page Apps and APIs within the past few years is a telltale sign of the growing importance and demand for speed and faster user experiences by users. And this is not simply a psychological need for speed in our ever accelerating and connected world. It is a requirement.

Creating global apps & APIs in 5 mins!