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Macrometa in 2 Minutes

What is Macrometa?

Macrometa provides a managed cloud service that simplifies cross region and multi-cloud app & API development. Our globally consistent, geo-distributed fast data platform provides a serverless, multi-model NoSQL database, automatic API generation, Streaming, Pub/Sub & global routing.

Global Database

Deploy a complete geo-distributed backend in minutes with flexible database schema

Geo Distributed Consistency

Synchronize your data across global regions automatically

Streams and Pub/Sub

Create dynamic experiences with built-in messaging and queuing

Your Favorite Languages

Maximize your expertise by supporting languages and frameworks you already know

REST and RestQL

Reduce your development time by automatically generating APIs

Data Privacy

Simplify data privacy with "pinning and "geo-fencing"

Fast Data

Eliminate latency & data backhaul


Build powerful analytics closer to sources of data, end users and devices

How are people using Macrometa?

Task Economy Company

Problem:  Providing insurance and bond coverage per task for ride-sharing contractors required real-time performance that cloud infrastructure could not deliver.

Solution:  Macrometa enables rapid processing of dynamic data at the edge.  In this use case, edge processing to deliver the required coverage was reduced to 500ms.

Online Learning Company

Problem:  Delivering personalized courses in regions far away from the primary cloud region required over 5000ms, resulting in poor user experience, lost revenue and abandoned courses.

Solution:  Macrometa enables the customer to move parts of their dynamic content management system to the edge in these remote regions, providing the same content in under 500ms, a 90% improvement.

Multi-player Online Gaming Company

Problem:  Current cloud infrastructure could not provide the real-time performance required to dynamically analyze gamer experience and behavior, resulting in a loss of revenue poor customer retention.

Solution:  Macrometa provides real-time performance for data ingestion and analytics at the edge, improving performance for in-game purchases, powerups, and improved customer retention and engagement time.

Online Travel Booking Company

Problem:  Slow, cloud based big data search and filtering created abandoned carts and lost sales.

Solution:  Macrometa enables faster search and filtering features, reducing abandoned cart losses by 70%.

Enterprise SaaS Company

Problem:  Slow user experience due to heavy data querying and backhaul to centralized cloud services.

Solution:  Macrometa enables the application and dynamic queries to be serviced at the edge, eliminating the delay of backhauling to the datacenter.  Strategic data is still bi-directionally synchronized from the edge to the cloud.