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Macrometa in 2 Minutes

What is Macrometa?

Macrometa provides a managed distributed database cloud service that simplifies cross region and multi-cloud app & API development. Our globally consistent, geo-distributed fast data platform provides a serverless, multi-model NoSQL database, automatic API generation, Streaming, Pub/Sub & global routing.

Global Serverless Database

Build a complete geo-distributed backend in minutes that runs on global regions closer to your users and their devices

Geo Distributed Consistency

Replicate & Synchronize Data across global regions with better consistency and low latency and bring data closer to your users

Stream Storage, Stream Processing & Pub/Sub

Create dynamic event processing pipelines with built-in connectors, processors, simple API based real time messaging and queuing

Your Favorite Languages

Use the languages you already know and love to build distributed apps, APIs as serverless micro services that run globally

REST and RestQL

Reduce your development time by automatically generating GraphQL like APIs from the database with a click 

Data Privacy

Simplify data privacy with "pinning and "geo-fencing"

Multiple Flavors of Data

Use it as a Key-Value Store, Document Store, Graph Database, Stream Storage, Stream Processor and more

Database for JAMStack & Single Page Apps

Build data driven JAMStack and Single Page Apps/ APIs which store, query and update data instantly at the edge

How are people using Macrometa?

Edge backend for JAMstack, SPAs, mobile apps

Problem:  While architectures like Single Page Apps (SPAs), JAMstack allow you to serve the static part of your app from the CDN edge instantly, once the app is up and running on the client, it still needs to make dozens of REST and GraphQL calls to a centralized database far away to fetch and render data.  The benefits of JAMstack and SPA are lost because the backend is not globally distributed

Solution:  Macrometa serves hot, queryable and mutable data from the edge 10ms away from your end-users and devices.  Macrometa can offload expensive cloud data operations by serving them 20X faster and  90% cheaper than using cloud databases like AWS DynamoDB or Google Firebase. 

Enrich at the edge to boost  signal, eliminate noise in data

Problem:  IoT and applications that process events send a lot of data to the cloud.  The cost and time of transit, storage, and processing in the cloud can quickly add up. Moreover, once data has been sent to the cloud, all the noise and redundant bits are discarded making transit an incredibly wasteful operation.

Solution:  Macrometa lets customers ingest, process and augment or transform data at the edge. Macrometa's pipelines let you remove noise in data such as duplicates and enrich data by performing anomaly detection, feature recognition and pattern recognition in real-time close to the source of data.  This eliminates the transit, processing and storage cost of raw data by up to 90%.

Multi-player Online Gaming Company

Problem:  Current cloud infrastructure could not provide the real-time performance required to dynamically analyze gamer experience and behavior, resulting in a loss of revenue poor customer retention.

Solution:  Macrometa provides real-time performance for data ingestion and analytics at the edge, improving performance for in-game purchases, powerups, and improved customer retention and engagement time.

Consistent global user experience for data-driven apps and APIs

Problem:  The further away from the cloud backend your user is, the worse their experience of using your app or API is because of the increased latency to the database. 

Solution:  Unlike centralized single region cloud backends such as dynamo DB, firebase, spanner, Macrometa offers a globally distributed backend that runs across 175 edge locations worldwide offering consistent, low latency data query and service to your apps. 

Enterprise SaaS Company

Problem:  Slow user experience due to heavy data querying and backhaul to centralized cloud services.

Solution:  Macrometa enables the application and dynamic queries to be serviced at the edge, eliminating the delay of backhauling to the datacenter.  Strategic data is still bi-directionally synchronized from the edge to the cloud.