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Globally Distributed Fast Data Processing

A Global, Geo Distributed Stream Database 

Ready to join the global data revolution? Macrometa is a new database service built to help you do ingest, store, query and process data instantly.  It's cross region and multi cloud and lets you distribute your data with strong consistency across 25 global locations - so you can work with fast and accurate data closer to your customers, systems and partners. 

  • Key/Value: Perform single key lookups and key/value pair insertions and updates.
  • Document: Store JSON format documents with sophisticated query and nesting types including number, strong, boolean or null or compounds - array or nested objects.
  • Graph: Perform graph queries to discover semantic relationships by extending documents with edges and vertices (directionality and distance).
  • Streams: Query, process and store streams (and messages)  like regular data collections. 
  • Pipelines and stream processing:  Perform advanced analytics at the edge by using pipelines to transform the content and shape of data in real time. 


Distributed, Multi-Master and Consistent

Macrometa's distributed database responds with local latencies to read and update requests, while maintaining consistent views of fast data worldwide. Application builders use Macrometa to improve latency, achieve high volume data processing, move critical apps and web services closer to their customers, and exceed business requirements.

Adaptive Consistency: Build confidently with strong session consistency and distributed consistency across the network. 

Concurrent Change Conflict Handling: Unlike eventually consistent databases, Macrometa manages changes at the atomic field level and merges changes made across the network to maintain a single version of the truth.  


Built for Web, Mobile, IoT, Analytics, Gaming, Apps & APIs

Macrometa provides application developers and architects with an advanced serverless platform to build and run applications globally across 25 worldwide regions. 

Unlike existing cloud platforms that require you to build your backend in one cloud region, Macrometa automatically distributes, orchestrates and synchronizes your code and data across a global network.  Your user's application requests are always routed to the nearest edge and serviced instantly without delays or latency.

  • Single Page Apps (SPAs): Query a rich database at the edge to power SPAs with GraphQL or RESTful API driven data.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Build offline first, native mobile apps with low latency, real-time and event-driven logic.
  • Traditional web backend: Extend your existing apps by surgically moving latency sensitive or data intensive parts to the edge.
  • APIs and micro-services powered by GraphQL or REST: Write lean backends that expose data and query interfaces as APIs using GraphQL and RESTful APIs.

Introducing RestQL: Instant Serverless Edge Functions & API

The hardest part of working with micro-services and databases is writing all the API interface glue code to get your services to talk to the database correctly. 

Macrometa generates your REST API or GraphQL instantly by turning queries into serverless functions that run worldwide across our edge network. Just define your function as a query, save it, and it is now available as a REST API for your micro-services or application front ends to call.