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Content Where It Matters

Dynamic Content as a Service

Macrometa provides a globally distributed edge located content infrastructure, that eliminates the need for databases, web servers and content management systems at the origin completely. 

Our Dynamic Content Manager enables you to define a data model for structured content and expose it as GraphQL or RESTful APIs that serve JSON results in response to queries from the client.  This enables Single Page Apps (SPA), Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to connect to a global, real-time content backend that delivers dynamic content instantly. No more cache misses or stale content or purging necessary. 

A "Decoupled" Dynamic Content Manager at the Edge Serving GraphQL and RESTful APIs

The movement to decouple content presentation & interaction from data allows a big reduction in cost (no back-end web servers) and makes time to first byte (TTFB) faster by storing the HTML and javascript on AWS S3 and cached on CDNs.  

However, these types of decoupled architectures still have a single region, centralized database and must backhaul dynamic data requests from long distances sacrificing user experience (while showing the dreaded spinner while they fetch data).

Macrometa's edge content engine puts your data in a database at the edge and exposes your data models & content as GraphQL RESTful APIs automatically.  Now your data can be served instantly, delighting your users.

The Easiest Way to Build APIs

Macrometa offers the fastest way to deliver data and content to web pages, Single Page Apps, and Progressive Web Apps.  

Macrometa allows any data model or collection to be automatically turned into an API that can then be integrated with web pages, apps, and even other microservices.  By moving data and query to the edge, complex application functions like authentication, content personalization, search, customization, and ordering can be done 10X -50X faster than with conventional application backends or content systems.

Edge Content Warehouse

Your enterprise runs on a mix of SaaS, cloud and on-prem systems.  These systems are usually deployed and run in a single region on a centralized cloud.  But enterprise businesses require delivery of data, apps, and APIs globally to customers, supply chain partners. support and services teams to enable collaboration in real-time.  

Macrometa lets you create Edge located data and content warehouses that can be configured to automatically synchronize data from enterprise SaaS, cloud, and on-prem systems. Now users get their data and content served instantly, while enterprises get the benefit of smart data/content delivery & management globally.