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Nonstop Fast Data Management

Enterprises demand more from mission critical database solutions, requiring flexibility, scalability, fault tolerance, and easy compliance with regulations and governance.  Why should your distributed database be any different?  Macrometa allows you to consolidate multiple database types and products into a single, global platform.24-Planet

Macrometa delivers upon these requirements while letting Enterprises place their data and apps closer to their customers. Macrometa provides a modern NoSQL database and stream data platform that is available as a managed service in over 25 worldwide regions, and can even extend into private cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Macrometa lets you scale your business and critical applications worldwide with a fully integrated serverless database, stream data processing and compute runtime.

Global Database for Global Business

Your Macrometa powered database is available across any number of subscribed regions instantly.  All reads and writes are sent to the closest location to the requestor and processed locally.

Behind the scenes, Macrometa replicates and synchronizes data with strong consistency guarantees.  Creating a data-intensive application that shares and synchronizes data globally is easy with Macrometa. 

Multi-Region - Geography Aware Apps

Traditional clouds force you to store data from all regions and customers in one central location,  making compliance expensive and error-prone. Macrometa allows you to bind unique types of data to specific regions and enables you to leverage any combination of countries and clouds to store, process and query data.  

Importantly, Macrometa can help you achieve data compliance by geo-fencing, pinning and transforming data based upon the jurisdiction where data is collected, stored or accessed. 

Nonstop Fast Data

Macrometa makes building fault-tolerant apps and services instant and easy.  Our intelligent traffic routing sends traffic and requests to the closest available peer regions to avoid downtime from planned or unplanned activities - ensuring applications and associated revenues never stop.

Write "state" to the database and let Macrometa manage global fault-tolerance without any changes to your architecture.

Consolidate 5 Types of Database Systems, Licenses, and Operations 

Most database systems are organized around a single data model that determines how data can be organized, stored, and manipulated.

In contrast, Macrometa is designed to support multiple data models against a single, integrated backend. We provide document, graph, semi-relational, and key-value interfaces to a single unified data model.