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A Global Database for JAMstack, SPA and PWA Apps

JAMstack offers a superior alternative to the LAMP and MEAN stacks with great advantages like better scaling, improved security, exceptional app speed/performance, and great developer experience.  However, up until now the CDN and JAMStack combination only helped with the first load of your JAMstack, SPA or PWA app. What happens when your app needs to fetch data?  It goes back to the old way of fetching data from a database hundreds of miles and thousands of milliseconds away. 

05---DNAMacrometa brings the CDN into the JAMStack era by providing a global database and application backend to the CDN edge.  Now both the static and dynamic parts of your app always run on the edge with nothing to cache, purge or expire ever. The edge is the dynamic origin for every request and your users are always served the freshest state from the closest edge PoP. 

  • Local Read - Write Performance: Read and Write data to a database thats always closest to your end users. 
  • Edge Native Database: Minimize traffic and latency, maximizer performance by storing, querying, and updating live data for your JAMStack app.
  • Edge Native Compute: Package your backend code as serverless functions exposed as https end REST end points
  • Global Data Protection: Comply with data regulations like GDPR by mapping and pinning sensitive data to specific edge locations while automatically anonymizing data if it transits regions.
  • Global Fault Tolerance: By keeping synchronized copies of your application & database in several worldwide regions, your applications and data are resilient to cloud and network failures.

Dynamic Data & Content Backend for JAMStack, SPAs, and PWAs

Let's face it - CDNs don't do much for your app once the client loads your site. Modern JAMStack, SPAs and PWAs are powered by query-driven, dynamic data - and you need a backend that like your CDN is globally distributed. 

With Macrometa, developers can now run their JAMStack applications and deliver database-driven data and content in-region to their users.  Macrometa's delivers a fully queryable, multi-model database to instantly power speed and performance improvements in authentication, reporting, analytics, content, and more. 

Fast & Reliable Data for Static websites and apps

While your site might be static, its anything but static, once it's loaded.  And to really shine it needs to be able to query and store data quickly and efficiently.

Macrometa lets you use Javascript, REST and GraphQL APIs to quickly integrate a powerful database into your JAMStack, SPA and PWA apps that can serve hot data to your sites and apps in a fraction of the time that current database backends.  The secret - global distribution with consistency.  Our patented database technology uses Conflict-Free Replicated Datatypes (CRDT) to quickly and accurately synchronize copies of your application data to 25 global regions to keep data close to where your users are.

Data Query, Streaming Data, Analytics & Real-Time change notifications

To unlock the true power of the data you're collecting, you need to process it as quickly as possible. The cloud is too distant for applications to unlock the time value of data. There's also the cost of network backhaul that makes data-driven pipelines expensive to build. 

Macrometa provides a simple and intuitive set of features for you to stream data from millions of devices and users to the closest edge for processing, analysis, and storage.  Get instant insights, alerts, and notifications as things change without the cost and expense of traditional database and streaming data pipelines. 

Dynamic Data For Interactive Applications

Media and content providers know that rich personalization and dynamic content create engagement and revenue. CDNs can't effectively deliver dynamic data or content. 

Macrometa lets you complement the static caching of your CDN with the ability to store and query customer data, behavior and analytics at the edge, powering engaging and immersive interactive digital experiences in a way that has not been possible before.