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Macrometa Technology

Macrometa's Global Data Network is based on cutting edge computer science incorporating new ideas and research in the areas of messaging, event processing, data consistency and replication.  Macrometa's team of scientists and engineers have incorporated leading edge ideas from distributed systems and concurrent databases that incorporate technologies like Conflict Free Replicated Datatypes (CRDT) to create a new highly secure, high performance, low latency data infrastructure for edge computing. 

At its heart, Macrometa's architecture is a geo distributed event source with a materialized view engine and CRDT based replication. To achieve consistency in replication, Macrometa provides an adaptive model that allows developers to define the consistency level with fine grained granularity to achieve different levels of isolation and consistency depending on their needs. 

HPTS 2019: Macrometa C8DB: Conflict Free Replicated database with session guarantees

Modern web and mobile applications are becoming increasingly concerned with providing low- latency, global operation at scale. To provide low-latency operations, applications typically need to be deployed in multiple datacenters (DCs), and user data replicated to each of these DCs, allowing user requests to be serviced by the nearest geographic DC. However, while reducing user perceived latency through the replication of data, application developers are now faced with an additional, even more difficult challenge: managing the consistency of multiple replicas.

In this paper, we discuss the design of CDB, a geo-replicated, conflict-free replicated document database. CDB can operate in two modes: single-master, where the system provides strong consistency and serializable transactions; or multi-master, where the system provides session guarantees.


Christopher Meiklejohn on Macrometa - a CRDT database

Video presentation on Macrometa's HPTS 2019 submission


Macrometa & Edge Computing - a white paper for technologists

Edge computing and its step-sibling, "fog computing", are shrouded in the excitement and mystery of a new frontier, where trillions of dollars in a new addressable market will open up: and makers of digital picks and shovels are busy lighting the fires of their software-defined forges, to design and build the edge infrastructure of tomorrow. Bold predictions are being made about the disruptive new applications that edge computing will unleash, and judging by the eagerness of enterprises and consumers to embrace this technology it is poised to become the new ‘normal’ by 2020.