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Goodbye cloud,
hello edge.

Macrometa helps developers create global applications, with a distributed database, serverless functions, containers, streams, and Pub/Sub. Using familiar tools and frameworks, you can build and run apps on a network of edge datacenters closer to your end users.

The fastest way to build cross-region, geo-distributed APPs and APIs

Macrometa's platform enables you to focus on building for your business needs without worrying about complex multi region infrastructure programming, distributed databases, concurrency, consistency and more.

Move your backend closer to your users and devices

Macrometa moves your backend from a single datacenter region to a global network of worldwide locations to enable new levels of performance, responsiveness and easy compliance with local data regulations.

Go from cloud native to Edge native

Macrometa's multi-model capabilities such as stream processing, serverless functions, and multi-region read/write database with strong consistency enable new apps and APIs not possible on the cloud.

Where Do You Want the Edge to Lead You?

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