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Hello data, meet the edge!

Macrometa is a Global Data Network and Edge Computing Service.  Macrometa helps developers add instant performance to their data driven web, mobile, IoT apps and APIs while cutting cloud database and server costs by 90%.


Make Firebase, DynamoDB, MongoDB 25X faster

Macrometa enables you to keep hot data from your cloud database just a few milliseconds away from your end users and their devices. With just a few lines of code, you can turn any application into a globally distributed application.

Turn SQL Queries into Serverless Lambda Functions & APIs

Macrometa lets you create APIs to expose your data by turning your database queries into functions (like AWS lambda) that run on the edge, serving data and requests instantly.  

Cut your cloud database costs by 90%

Storing, processing and serving data from Macrometa's Global Data Network offloads expensive database operations from your cloud database. This means that you cut your AWS, GCP and MongoDB bills by a lot. 

Macrometa is incredibly easy to integrate with your apps, data & APIs.
Try this live example - hit the play button to run live or fork and edit to make it your own.

The Edge Is The New Cloud

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