Welcome to the EDGE

Macrometa is a cloud platform for creating global applications and web services powered by dynamic, real-time data. Using familiar tools and frameworks, you can build and run apps on a network of edge datacenters, closer to your end users.

Global Real-Time Database

A database that spans 25 global locations with modern document-oriented, Key/Value, Graph & SQL interfaces. Query & store data at the edge with a globally distributed, low-latency, multi-model, multi-master database.

Global Stream Processing & Pub/Sub

A unified, multi-region, queryable, event-driven, low latency,  real-time stream processing, complex event processing  & pub/sub-service with reliable delivery semantics. 

Function & Container Compute Service

Deploy and run code as serverless functions, container or both with powerful in-situ compute in any language or runtime of your choice. build rich data & event processing logic using streams & stateful data the edge.

What is the Global Edge Fabric?

Building applications that span multiple regions, cloud providers and networks is hard. Building applications that need to handle high volumes of data, process and deliver instant real-time results, is even harder. Macrometa Global Edge Fabric is an Edge Native Platform as a Service (PaaS) for building distributed applications and APIs for the web, mobile devices, IoT, gaming and more. 

The Global Edge Fabric is a next generation, real-time, serverless edge platform:

  • Easily build, deploy & run distributed applications & data with tools, languages & frameworks you already know.
  • Delivers instant, low latency stateful data for Single Page Apps (SPAs), Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), IoT, Games & more
  • Run code concurrently on a network of edge data centers with serverless functions & containers
  • Ingest large volumes of data from devices, sensors and systems at the edge using stream processing & global pub/sub
  • Process, query & store data in a modern, multi-master, multi-model, global database and multi-region streams.
  • Available in 25 locations worldwide (and expanding to over 100 locations in 2019)

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