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Extra Steps

As a young kid in Science class I remember learning about simple machines – levers, ramps, etc.  The one thing I had trouble understanding was how increasing distance decreased work. It seemed counter-intuitive to me, since the shortest distance between two points was a straight line.  One of my teachers pointed something out to me that made the light bulb in my head turn on: “Have you ever ...

The "Edge" is a new kind of vertical cloud

In the article "the rebundling of Craigslist", Josh Breilinger, a VC at Jackson Square ventures, makes a powerful argument that one of the most effective forms of competition comes in the form of newcos who aspire to take chunks out of an existing platform by better addressing the needs of a specific vertical within that platform

The Cloud is Now the Limitation

Ages ago I had the privilege of building out the first field engineering team for VMware’s Cloud Service Providers.  Back then it was an easy message for users to understand – we could take your existing workloads and give you improved resilience and operational costs, while providing the flexibility to deliver enterprise applications in a familiar way.

The Merits of Application Hyper-Locality

What if every food option you ever wanted was just a few miles away?

Good, Fast or Cheap - Pick Two

Product Selection for Architects  

High Frequency Cryptocurrency Trading - Building a Multi-exchange Global Trading Bot with Macrometa

The code for this trading bot is open source.  You can access it here: https://github.com/Macrometacorp/tutorial-cryptotrading   If you're going to try this project or customize it for your own strategy, you're going to need a Macrometa account.  Take a minute to sign up for a free account by clicking on the button below.

The CDN is dead, Long Live the GDN*

By Durga Gokina and Chetan Venkatesh

Stateful Data at the Edge Needs a New Kind of CDN


Freeing the Database from Cages for Edge Data

Over the last few years the focus of enterprises has been on cloud computing, but increasingly the focus is shifting towards edge computing which provides benefit of low latency and real-time processing. But many real world edge applications require state to provide meaningful results whether that edge application is for:

Macrometa's CRDT Edge Database - Implementing Coordination Free Convergence of Data for Edge Computing

By Christopher Meiklejohn Consulting Scientist, Macrometa Follow Christopher on twitter https://twitter.com/cmeik Introduction In our last post, we discussed the challenges of conflict resolution when supporting a highly-available distributed database that operates at the edge.  Let’s recap the challenges.