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When Edge becomes the Center - A shift to coordination free database architectures

Nearly all of the software we use today is part of a distributed system in the cloud. Apps on your phone participate with hosted services in the cloud; Even legacy desktop operating systems and applications like spreadsheets and word processors are tightly integrated with distributed backend services in the cloud.   With the growth of mobile (e.g., IoT and 5G) more and more application services ...

CDNs Should Work Like Databases


Serving Your Users Globally, Faster

The emergence and the fast growth of Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Single Page Apps and APIs within the past few years is a telltale sign of the growing importance and demand for speed and faster user experiences by users. And this is not simply a psychological need for speed in our ever accelerating and connected world. It is a requirement.

Creating global apps & APIs in 5 mins!

Hello globally distributed world!


The Great Shift - Edge Computing & Fast Data Processing

The cloud is going through a great tectonic shift. Put simply, we're now entering a new phase of the cloud where the main assumptions underlying its architecture inhibit it from solving emerging problems with data processing. The biggest shift in how we create data and use it is happening hidden in plain sight. The shift is from seeing and using data like its a historical record (seeing the world ...

Building Applications For The Edge With a Datacentric Model

Contributed by EDGE GRAVITY from their new blog series: Edge Computing Thought Leadership. This collection of blogs will focus on new technologies and industry leaders in the edge computing market as way to educate a broad IT audience in the future capabilities at the edge.

Why Global Edge Fabric? Or Why we built a truly coordination-free distributed database for edge computing

Origins of Macrometa Global Edge Fabric

Cloud Computing Doesn't Matter in 2019

OK, I admit.  This is a controversial statement.  After that admission, I can honestly say that as a user, cloud computing doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t make any difference where my apps live.  Now, to the fun part…

Beyond the Cloud: Edge Computing Opens New Frontiers for Online Gaming

Guest post by Gaming Industry veteran Justin Keeling who has held senior leadership roles at Fox Interactive, Disney, and many other amazing industry leaders. GameSpot recently polled their readers and asked them the following question: