The Data Platform for the World's Greatest Games

Game developers need powerful database and streaming data tools to create new experiences for players and revenues for game franchises. Unfortunately, databases have only gotten in the way of great games and user experience with poor performance and complex programming. 

Macrometa's global data platform brings a powerful, modern, distributed edge cloud for enabling game developers to incorporate rich data-driven gameplay, behavior and workflows into their game experiences. Now game developers can use an avant-garde data platform to take their games to a whole new level.  

A Data Platform for Multiplayer Games

Macrometa lets developers easily incorporate data-driven dynamic gameplay. Our data platform delivers distributed computing capabilities milliseconds away from players to enable them to enjoy a whole new level of dynamic, interactive, real-time, multiplayer gaming.

Augment your Unity and Unreal engine based games with a powerful data platform to improve gameplay, monetization, and player data management with a modern edge cloud backend.

Simplified Actor Replication with Global Streams and Pub/Sub

Building massive worlds means processing a lot of data in a short amount of time.  Macrometa provides simple and easy APIs for maintaining lists of actors, synchronizing updates between them in real time.

For example if you need to replicate an actor's health, you can set up a simple channel that subscribes to the actor's vital parameters and trigger a function that broadcasts the health to interested parties. 

Global Entity Database 

The states of all entities in your game are stored by default at edge locations closest to your end users. This enables extreme performance, intelligence, and dynamic gameplay in virtual worlds that are much larger in size, have tens of thousands of players in a single game, and have a greater number of complex AI and gameplay behaviors (e.g. dynamic objects, weather, ecologies, player and NPC interactions).



Simple Player Stats Aggregation, Game Progress Monitoring, and Cross Realm Interaction

Macrometa enables passive in-game data collection & real-time processing.  This data can be used to extract insights that can create dynamic behavior & engagement inside the game to drive monetization. Macrometa also allows actions and interactions between players and the game to be shared across distinct game worlds and allows you to create new ‘meta’ experiences and stickier engagement. 

Game developers no longer deal with a fixed data model where they need to statically provision users of a specific skill, realm or proficiency to a specific server or database instance. Instead, these parameters can be defined as logical attributes due to the flexibility and power of Macrometa's global database.