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Real-Time Analysis of Global Sensor Data

Edge devices and gateways are cheap, disposable, and not strategic.  The data they gather and forward are very strategic if you have the right software systems to process and generate value.  Macrometa enables you to forward sensor data in a multitude of formats to our network of edge data centers and process sensor data immediately.  

Sensor data can be ingested, combined, shaped and transformed before forwarding to your enterprise or cloud systems for longer term batch processing. 

Intelligent Pipelines for Ingestion, Pattern Detection, and Transformation of High-Frequency Data

Unlocking the value of data in your enterprise hinges on being able to gain real-time insight and instantly automate responses.  Data pipelines are the key enablers to unlocking opportunities, spotting problems and extracting value from data. 

Most pipelines sit in the cloud, forcing you to move data over great distances and analyze far from the source. Macrometa offers a superior alternative that lets you connect your IoT devices and sensors to our edge platform and create rich, real-time data pipelines without backhauling to the cloud.  Our database, streaming and compute services can be chained together to create complex data processing flows across a network of edge locations close to where your data is produced and consumed.

Process Mobile & Autonomous Device Data with Geo Queries

Data ingested from mobile platforms like cellular phones, cars, bikes, and drones contain significant location attributes. Unfortunately, conventional cloud databases can't process location attributes such as latitude, longitude or altitude at a global scale. 

Macrometa lets you process and query data with location attributes using geo-aware queries, understanding the relationships of distance and motion between objects and bounding regions called geo-fences. This lets you see in real-time the location of objects, proximity to each other, and calculate distance and intercept times for objects in motion.  

One or more geo-fences can be queried to enumerate what objects are inside or outside of multiple bounding regions.  

Machine Learning at the Edge 

Macrometa's edge platform enables IoT solutions that take advantage of location, proximity and low latency to perform superior machine learning and deep learning enhanced applications. 

By allowing ML/DL models to execute at the edge, complex time and cost operations like anomaly detection, fraud detection, and pattern recognition can all be performed milliseconds away from your IoT devices, sensors and customers.